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Well, after raving about the weather earlier this week on the first day of summer, it has been dull, grey, and very rainy ever since. Typical!

I’m glad it held off though, as it was Sport’s Day on Wednesday at my son Ryan’s school. For the first time in as long as I can remember, they did not have to re-schedule due to bad weather. It was a scorcher! 

Poor Ryan had a bout of nerves that morning and woke claiming to have a painful leg, so therefore wouldn’t be able to take part. Upon further investigation, I discovered he had a small cut on the back of his knee, which would hardly impede his activities. So, off to school he went with his PE kit.

He was probably glad that I didn’t give in to his moaning, as he had a brilliant day. He got a first, second, and third, and came ninth out of 300 children in the overall score board. An amazing result, made all the more special as it is his last year at primary school, and probably the first Sport’s Day that he has made any real effort in. Like me, he isn’t comfortable performing to a crowd of strangers, and much prefers to fade into the background. But I think winning in his first competition gave him a massive boost in confidence, and also fired up his competitive streak. I was a very proud mum!

On Thursday, we visited Ryan’s high school, which he will be attending in September. I like this particular school very much, not only because it is a short walk away from home, but also because it is a small, tight-knit school with a ‘family atmosphere’, and I feel that this will be beneficial to Ryan and his innate shyness. Starting at a new school is always going to be daunting, to any child, and I am obviously very protective of my boy. I’d like his transition from primary to high school to be as easy as possible. 

I remember my own first day at high school as being very nerve-wracking, and not a particularly nice day. Things have changed a lot since then though, and I was pleasantly surprised when Ryan was given the option to choose two primary school friends to be in his new form. This, along with mentoring and a friendly approach, amongst other things, shows how much the education system has come on since my awkward and not particularly happy days at school. 

I don’t really want my little boy to grow up, but it will inevitably happen. I want him to be happy with the choices he makes, as well as the choices that are made for him. And after Thursday, I am hopeful that his high school days will be as enjoyable as his primary school days have been. 😊

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  1. Omg! I know what you mean! Just recently my 16-turning 17-year-old nephew asked for my SAT studyguide book! He’s the oldest of my nieces and nephews so it was a big deal for me when I had to search and hand him my thick thick SAT studyguide book. 😦

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