Pet Peeves

Well, everybody loves a good moan, so this blog should be extremely easy to write. However, I could waffle on for some time, so let’s give it a little bit of structure. 10 is always the magic number when it comes to blogging, but that may be over-kill when it comes to my moaning. So I’m going for 5.

1. Noisy eaters. I’ll start with this one as this is something that particularly irritates me, and I’m not sure why. I reckon it may be something to do with this:

Misophonia, dubbed as a selective sound sensitivity syndrome, comes with a handful of “trigger sounds.” The noises could come from eating, breathing loudly, or whistling. Sometimes, a sound as trivial as a foot tapping or a person yawning is enough to leave you irritated or even angered.”

I definitely suffer from this!

2. Ignorance. I get super annoyed by ignorance and stupidity. People who make ridiculous, bigoted, or just stupid comments. People who have no common sense. People who act in certain ways because they believe it makes them look good, when in fact they just look, well, ridiculous! Many ignorant people have no real social skills outside of their own like-minded peer group, and can be quite rude and uncouth in their mannerisms when dealing with strangers. Yet they are quick to overreact if somebody reflects this back on them. Can’t stand that kind of behaviour.

3. Waiting. I absolutely hate waiting. I guess this makes me quite an impatient person, although I can be patient in certain areas. I really don’t like to wait for things to happen though. Say, for example, I’ve arranged to go out at a certain time, or to meet someone at a certain time. I don’t want to wait around. I want it to happen NOW, or I’d rather just stay at home. I generally get into work at least 20-30 minutes early, not because I love my job and can’t wait to start my day. But because I couldn’t stay at home knowing that I had to leave soon anyway. Why wait? I might as well get started as soon as I’m ready! 

4. Damp weather. I love the rain, I really do, especially those rainforest-like downpours when it comes down in sheets. I love watching it, mainly from the comfort of my window. Drizzle, however, I can do without, or any kind of dampness in the air. The reason being, my hair. Although I don’t suffer from a full-on Afro like Monica in Friends, my hair just does not like damp weather. It is very weather sensitive, I like to say as I put my hood up at the slightest hint of rain. I’d love to be the kind of girl who has long mermaid waves that can withstand the wet and still look styled. But I don’t. My hair looks crap in damp weather, and therefore I hate it.

5. Pestering pets. The only reason being, as I’m sat, trying to finish this blog, my cat keeps miaowing to go out (in the pouring rain, I might add) and five minutes later, he’s back on the windowsill, wanting to come back in. He has been out and back in FIVE TIMES since I settled down on the couch fifty minutes ago. Grrrr.. if only I wasn’t such a soft touch that I keep getting up to pander to his whims! Oops! 

12 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Ignorance is one of my pet peeves too. People who make ignorant, bigoted, hateful, uninformed comments are the worst. I made an executive decision not to allow any in my life, I had a massive Facebook clear out it was fantastic😂 my other pet peeve is whistling, it really grinds my gears!

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    1. Me too, I basically try to avoid ignorant people at all costs, as well as unnecessary drama. As for whistling – it doesn’t annoy me half as much as noisy eaters! Or people who slurp their cups of tea/coffee!


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