Lymm Dam

As it is the final day of my week off and the sun is finally shining after so much rain, I decided to prise Ryan away from his Xbox this morning and get out in the fresh air. And where is better to visit on such a beautiful day than Lymm Dam?

Situated in leafy Cheshire, Lymm is a pretty village and home to my father's family business, Sexton's Village Bakery. It is now run by my auntie and uncle, but back in my younger years, my dad worked there with his father. My brother and I spent a large portion of our childhood in Lymm after my dad moved back there following my parents divorce. With so little in the village to keep young children occupied, Lymm Dam became a regular haunt.

A lake situated on the outskirts of the village, the Dam is a beautiful area, popular with anglers and dog walkers. The paths around the lake are a trail I have walked many a time over the years, exploring here and there as a child, scrabbling up inclines and muddying shoes. These days, I bring Ryan to feed the ducks, which he still enjoys at eleven.

I'll never grow tired of Lymm Dam, home to so many happy memories.


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