Anyone for Coffee? #WeekendCoffeeShare

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If we were having coffee, I would tell you good morning and thank you for joining me on my first ever weekend coffee share. Today, although coffee is the name of the game, I will be drinking tea instead, white with two sugars. You?

So, I’m going to use our little chat as an excuse to summarise the week, which hasn’t been the easiest. Work is becoming more and more tiresome as the days go by. Right now, my co-worker has handed in her notice and our manager is finding it difficult to accept. She has resorted to ignoring my co-worker completely, including all conversations amongst the team that she is involved it, which is most of them as my co-worker is particularly chatty. 

As you can imagine, the atmosphere in the office is almost tangible, but as none of us are really too keen on the manager, we are managing to ignore it and her successfully. 

I find it all very immature and unprofessional, and another clear indication of why this company isn’t the best to work for. If she (my manager) was a real grown-up, she would be happy that my co-worker is attempting to better herself. There is very little room for progression in our current role, and the only option to get ahead is to find work elsewhere. Surely our manager must see that. But instead, she has taken it as a personal insult. 

It is all very ridiculous, to be honest. It makes me very aware of how awkward it will be when I resign (sooner rather than later, I hope!) My co-worker and I have become quite close over the past few weeks, and we have each other to lean on. However, once she goes, it isn’t going to be as easy for me to brush off the atmosphere. I am very sensitive to things like that.

Nevertheless, I will continue with my job hunt.

How’s that coffee? Would you like a top up?

In all honesty, I’m not having much luck with the job hunt. As I am only looking for part time, the options are limited, and the competition is high. I would have no problem securing a full time role, but I don’t want that right now. Instead, I have been considering freelance work, which is something new. Do I have the motivation though? After years of settling for second best, I want to do something that I have a real passion for. Writing and reading are my great passions, so why not make a living from it? I am tired of toiling away at jobs I don’t particularly enjoy. I want to spend time doing the things I love instead. I have already signed up for a proofreading and editing course, and a freelance journalism course. So watch this space! 😁

On a sadder note, my grandma passed away this week after a short hospital stay, as I mentioned in my post yesterday It was not a great shock, but heartbreaking nonetheless. RIP Grandma.

So that’s a round up of the highlights, or lowlights, of my week. I hope you have enjoyed our weekend coffee share, and will be back to join me again next week. Have a fabulous weekend! 💜

Myths, Rituals, and Other Things Not to be Trifled with On the Internet

I’m fascinated by this kind of thing, but definitely not ignorant enough to mess with it. An interesting read.

Salem's House

Working at a metaphysical store means I get to answer a lot of different kinds of phone calls. Recently I answered a call from a teenaged girl, no older than 16, who was wondering about Ouija boards and “games” that she and her friends had found on the website Creepypasta↟.

At first it was innocent curiosity as to whether or not Ouija boards actually work and how seriously you should take a Ouija board. She asked if there were any kinds of questions or topics to stay away from when using a Ouija board – to which i told her that with most metaphysical tools like boards and cards – it is best to avoid topics like death or anything that provokes generally negative energy. She thanked me and hung up.

A while later, the phone rang again and it was her. She asked me about something i had never…

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At last, the weekend is almost upon us, and I am grateful. This week has been an emotional one for me, with work pushing me to the limits of frustration and anger, and my tiredness due to my low vitamin B12 levels. To top it all, my maternal grandmother passed away yesterday after a short illness, which we had expected, but which obviously brought sadness and grief. Although it is a great loss for my family, I am glad that she is in a better place. In her younger years, she was such a strong-willed, vibrant, even feisty woman, and to see her slowly deteriorate over the past few years as old age and dementia took hold was not nice. I know she’s in a better place. I am now ready to celebrate the life and times of such an influential woman and appreciate the years we had with her. She won’t be forgotten. Have a fabulous Friday! 💙

Under the Weather

I am so tired today. I mean, like really, really tired. Bone weary.

There is no apparent reason. I’ve been off work this past week, so that can’t be held to blame. I didn’t do much yesterday, apart from shop in Ikea and then watch TV for the rest of the day.

Okay, so the Ikea trip could have done it, as it has a tendency to become very stressful if you aren’t in the right frame of mind. But I had plenty of time to get over that, and then I got a reasonably early night. I woke at my usual day off time of 6.20am. Yes I know, an awful time to wake on your day off, but I like early mornings, especially when I don’t have to go anywhere and can relax with a cup of tea and a book.

Anyway, so I woke at the usual time, and instantly felt exhausted and just generally under the weather. I naturally assumed it was a result of the two glasses of white wine I drank last night, as I’m generally a red girl. But it is quite unusual to feel hungover after just two glasses.

There may actually be a genuine reason why I am so tired. I had a blood test done earlier this week and have received a letter asking me to make an appointment with my GP to discuss the results. I’m pretty sure I know what they will be already. I myself requested the aforementioned tests to be carried out, to find out if there had been any changes since my last blood tests.

For the past eight years, I have been attending my local health centre every 3 months to have a vitamin B12 injection, after a blood test in 2009 showed that levels were extremely low. For those of you who aren’t familiar with vitamin B12 and it’s benefits, as I wasn’t in 2009, a deficiency is actually worse than you would imagine.

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that has a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, helps to keep red blood cells healthy and aids in the creation of DNA. It also helps to prevent megaloblastic anaemia, which makes people tired and weak. Vitamin B12 is not naturally created by the body, and must be absorbed from the food we eat, or supplements we take. It is found in a wide variety of animal foods, such as dairy, meat, and poultry, which means vegans probably rate highly on the list of people most likely to be B12 deficient! 

Most people in this day and age do get the recommended dosage of B12 from the foods they eat, and supplements they take. However, some people have trouble absorbing it from food. Like me, for example.

So what happens when you don’t get enough vitamin B12? Now this is the scary bit. When I first discovered I had a vitamin B12 deficiency, I went home and googled it to find out exactly what I was dealing with. My GP had told me I should wear a tag to inform other people of the condition, like diabetics do, so I assumed it was going to be bad. The first thing that struck me was so many ailments I have suffered from throughout my life were neatly explained to me within one Wikipedia page. Fatigue, lethargy, listlessness, constipation, headaches, loss of appetite. Tingling in the hands and feet, a pale complexion, depression, confusion, poor memory, dementia. 

Yep, I have suffered from the majority of these at some point in my life. In fact, when I was diagnosed, I was going through a bad period with my depression. I was deeply unhappy, my brain was a muddle; I thought I was going mad. My GP requested a blood test, and when the results came back.. well, it explained everything. I immediately undertook a crash course in vitamin B12 injections to boost my levels, one injection a day for a week, then one a week for a month, and from then on one every 3 months for the rest of my life. 

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms and you are struggling to find a reason or a cure, get down to your local health centre and request a blood test. B12 is vital to the correct functioning of the body, and a suspected deficiency should be taken seriously. 

Although I’ve come to detest those injections, they are crucial to my life nowadays. Since I discovered a potential reason for my depression, things have improved so much, and I feel like I have control of myself these days. And all thanks to a prick in my arm every three months. 😉

The Liebster Award

liebsterIt is always nice to discover people enjoy your blog. But to be nominated for an award.. Wow!

Big thanks to for the nomination. I am amazed, gobsmacked, really chuffed, and, above all, so grateful! Please check out her blog as I am sure you will like it.

As for the award, here's what I now need to do. 🙂

Rules for the award: 

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  4. Ask 11 new questions for them to answer.

I love a good Q&A, so here goes with my answers to fhavours questions:

  1. Novels or Movies? Novels all the way!
  2. What is your favourite colour? I love a variety of different colours, but I will have to choose blue as my favourite.
  3. Favourite cartoon as a child? Inspector Gadget
  4. What is the colour of your phone case? It is transparent with a wine glass filled with red liquid. 🙂
  5. Which do you prefer, a long prom dress or a short prom dress? Can I be awkward and choose mid-length?
  6. Sandals or Shoes? It all depends on the weather, but as I am faintly repulsed by feet, I will say Shoes.
  7. If you really needed help from a family member, who would you call first your parents or siblings? My mum.
  8. What part of blogging interest you? Writing.
  9. What talent can you demonstrate anytime without stress? Reading upside down.
  10. If you were to be a cast in a popular favourite movie you like, what movie would that be? Dirty Dancing.
  11. What do you like about my blog? Your passion and creativity.

I am now going to nominate 11 blogs for the award, which is going to be tricky as I follow so many awesome blogs.


And here are the 11 questions for my nominated blogs:

  1. What is your favourite animal?
  2. Where in the world would you love to visit?
  3. Sweet or savoury?
  4. What colour are your eyes?
  5. What is your greatest ambition?
  6. Who would play you in a film about your life?
  7. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
  8. What is your starsign?
  9. Have you met your soulmate?
  10. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  11. What do you like the most about my blog?







Lymm Dam

As it is the final day of my week off and the sun is finally shining after so much rain, I decided to prise Ryan away from his Xbox this morning and get out in the fresh air. And where is better to visit on such a beautiful day than Lymm Dam?

Situated in leafy Cheshire, Lymm is a pretty village and home to my father's family business, Sexton's Village Bakery. It is now run by my auntie and uncle, but back in my younger years, my dad worked there with his father. My brother and I spent a large portion of our childhood in Lymm after my dad moved back there following my parents divorce. With so little in the village to keep young children occupied, Lymm Dam became a regular haunt.

A lake situated on the outskirts of the village, the Dam is a beautiful area, popular with anglers and dog walkers. The paths around the lake are a trail I have walked many a time over the years, exploring here and there as a child, scrabbling up inclines and muddying shoes. These days, I bring Ryan to feed the ducks, which he still enjoys at eleven.

I'll never grow tired of Lymm Dam, home to so many happy memories.

Book Review: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

After mulling over the direction I want this blog to take, I have decided to make certain additions that will hopefully gain more traffic. After all, I am hoping to eventually make some kind of career out of this. My friend, whose sister is a keen blogger, has suggested including reviews, and what better product to review than my great love – books. Granted, it may not work as intended, but at least it is giving me the opportunity to write more frequently.

So I will kick off my book reviews with my latest read, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

It has always surprised me that, during 40 years of voracious reading, I have never attempted Anne Frank's remarkable wartime journal. The Diary of a Young Girl is a classic, and one of the most-read books in the world. So I decided to purchase a copy from Amazon.

Back in my early years of school, I do remember briefly studying the book, which included watching a film adaptation. I didn't pay much attention back then to the written version, concentrating more on the screen. I feel that, in the past, I found it a little too tragic, knowing that the girl had met an untimely end.

What initially struck me about Anne Frank was how surprisingly modern her whole outlook on life was. She could have been a young teenager in 2017 if it wasn't for her situation. She was amazingly strong, insightful, and her writing style belied her young years. She dreamt of becoming a journalist and a published writer, and would certainly have achieved her dreams if she hadn't been forced into hiding by WWII and Hitler's regime.

Born into a Jewish family, Anne was 13 years-old when the Frank's fled their Amsterdam home and took up residence in the Secret Annexe of an office building, hiding away from the Nazi's and the threat of the concentration camps. It was 1942, and the world was in the throes of war, with Jews all over Europe being persecuted for their beliefs.

For just over two years, the family remained there, hidden away, with Anne struggling through adolescence and relying on her diary as her biggest confidant.

Anne's thoughts and feelings, her teenage rebellion against her mother, her talk of sex, and her budding romance with fellow housemate Peter, all indicate a surprisingly forward thinking and candid young lady. She talks with maturity about her own shortcomings and seems intent on self-improvement. A harshly critical mind that is often directed at her housemates is also frequently directed within. You could be easily fooled into believing you are reading the diary of a modern-day teenager, until the talk of bombings, gunfire, and D-Day bring it all home.

Anne dealt with her situation courageously, and with humour and optimism, despite the moments of fear and uncertainty, when the gunfire rattled on outside their annexe. Life was not easy, but she kept hope alive in the compelling pages of her diary. The final page cannot fail to leave a lump in your throat – such a young and promising life, cruelly cut short.

As children's author Jacqueline Wilson wrote, "An uplifting and enriching book that deserves a special place on every bookshelf."

*** As this is my first attempt at reviewing on WordPress, any feedback will be greatly appreciated ***