Book Review: Daisy Chain by Kirstie Malone

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I do love free things, especially books, so how could I resist?

Jason, Karen, Jessica, Bradley and Veronica have been best friends since their first day at primary school, sticking together through high school and on to their university years, when things unexpectedly begin to fall apart. A popular university lecturer is killed, sending shockwaves through the campus, and Veronica decides that she needs some time apart from her friends, leaving abruptly and cutting all contact. In the aftermath, betrayal and heartbreak tear the remaining friends apart.

Twenty years later, the former friends are brought back together at a school reunion, and long-buried secrets and lies from their past threaten to spill over into present day. Whatever happened to the once vibrant and bubbly Veronica? And can Karen ever forgive Jason and Jessica’s betrayal?

A tense thriller, the story weaves back and forth from the past to the present day, giving the reader a great insight into the characters relationships. A fantastic debut that I couldn’t put down, but I was disappointed that there was no justice for poor Veronica. Maybe in the sequel?

4 stars from me. Highly recommended.

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