Eternally Single.

So, as Valentines Day approaches and the shops are filled with heart-shaped balloons and over-priced flowers, that difficult question arises that I have to contend with every year.

What should I get Mum for her birthday?

Yep, my mum was born on Valentines Day, which is quite sweet. Can be quite pricey though if I decide to buy her flowers.

Nevertheless, she will be the only person I’ll be buying anything for on February 14th.

Another year as a single girl. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was in a relationship on Valentines Day. If I wrack my brain..

2007. Yes, I have been single for going on 11 years. Well, there have been a couple of hiccups along the way, including the doomed love of my life. But none of them were real meet-the-parents, change-my-relationship-status-on-Facebook types of relationships. More a string of disappointments and bad judgements.

So I remain a Single Pringle for Valentines Day 2018, and it really doesn’t bother me – it never has. Having worked in retail for so many years, VD is just another over-priced event designed to sell more crap in an attempt to prove your love for someone.

Do I sound cynical? Maybe I am, or maybe not. Do we really need tacky mugs and teddy bears holding hearts to show our love for someone?

The answer is a resounding NO. If you love someone, they should know that year round, and not just on one day in February. Cute cards with romantic messages are lovely, but they shouldn’t be used as a way to declare your love – unless you are a secret admirer or looking to break the ice. But long-term, relationship kind of love should be shown regularly, and not just as an afterword in a card.

Yes okay, I’m single so I really shouldn’t have an opinion on this. But I was once in a relationship – yes really. He wasn’t into showing love of any kind, and Valentines Day was always approached in a half-hearted, if-I-have-to kind of way, which effectively killed off any thoughts of romance. It, along with a plethora of other failings, eventually killed off our relationship too.

Nowadays, I like being single. No hassle, no drama. Also, no flowers, and no cute cards with teddy bears on. In my experience, the romance I dream of doesn’t exist for people like me, so I’m quite happy to buy a romantic ready meal for one and open a bottle of wine in front of the telly. No expectations, no disappointments.

Okay, don’t listen to me. I’m a bitter, love-less singleton.

Who needs Valentines Day? In fact, I propose a second Halloween instead. Loads more fun.

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