It’s Friday. Be Fierce.

It’s Friday again, and I’ve been a naughty girl lately. After beginning 2018 blogging ferociously, I have slowed right down in February. I can’t even explain why. It may have something to do with a few busy weekends, which is when I generally post, and then an inability to motivate myself the rest of the time.

Truthfully though, I haven’t been completely lazy. I have an idea for a book of poetry, and have been researching and creating and posting over on my newly created Instagram page devoted to my potential book. If you want to check it out, you can find it at @fragmentspoetry, and also on my Facebook page of the same name.

This weekend is my first chance to chill out properly since the beginning of the month, and I am hoping to catch up on my blog posts as well as checking out all of your lovely posts.

Happy fierce Friday. 💜

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