Book Review: The Singularity Wheel by Michael S. Fedison

In this sequel to The Eye-Dancers, Mitchell, Joe, Ryan and Marc are BACK, along with Monica Tisdale, the ghost girl.

Five years on from their journey into a parallel universe, summoned by Monica to rescue her from kidnappers, the boys are struggling through their teenage years, their adventures largely forgotten. Life is tough for them all, and their friendships have fallen by the wayside. But suddenly Monica is back in their heads, and stronger than before. She needs their help again, and resistance is futile.

Over the years, Monica’s powers have increased to the point where she cannot control them anymore, and this has lead to her downfall. The boys have to help her, or else she will lose herself completely. And she won’t take no for an answer.

Reunited, the boys set out on the journey back to Colbyville, and along the way are forced to confront and deal with the issues that are holding them back. Will they be able to help the ghost girl? And will they ever find their way home in one piece?

Another journey of self-discovery from Michael S. Fedison, written in such a way that hooks you from the first page. The characters of the four boys are excellently crafted, naturally evolved from their younger selves in the first novel, and their individual problems are described realistically and sympathetically.

I found this book as compelling as the original, and was a little sad to leave them all behind at the end. Loved it.

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