Book Review: Trespassing by Brandi Reeds

This was my Kindle First choice for March, and OMG, I’m glad I chose it.

When Veronica’s three year-old daughter Elizabella begins talking to an imaginary friend, Veronica worries that hereditary schizophrenia may be the cause. As a child, she had watched her mother succumb to the disease, and she is frightened for her daughter. Already fraught with tension due to her ongoing IVF treatment, things take a turn for the worse when husband Micah fails to return home after a business trip, and Veronica’s seemingly perfect life begins to unravel.

Suddenly, Elizabella is appearing to predict Micah’s death, which is surely impossible, and the police are suspicious of Veronica’s part in her husbands disappearance. She digs deeper into his life in an effort to track his last movements, and is shocked to discover the extent of Micah’s lies.

Did Micah’s plane really crash into the sea? Why does Veronica own a house in Key West that she has no knowledge of? And who is the night-time smoker who seems to be following her everywhere?

The suspense in this novel is nail-biting, and it is difficult to know who Veronica can trust throughout the story. There are so many twists and turns, along with a smidgen of romance. It certainly keeps you guessing!

This is a brilliant debut novel. I loved it!

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