Going Solo

So, I have been doing some major thinking over the past few weeks. If you are familiar with my posts, you will know that I have been at crossroads in my career life for a while now. In short, I have absolutely no idea what I want to be when I grow up, and have been merely existing in my current role as a payroll administrator.

Well, I am excited to say, there have been some small developments in that area.

Actually, I’m hoping that these small developments will turn into something big, but let’s take things one step at a time.

I have decided that I would like to be a life coach. Furthermore, I have started a new business blog, Instagram, and Facebook page for my life coaching career, called A Happier Life For You.

Now, for those darlings who follow the links to check out my new online venture, it is still in very early stages. What I mean by that is, my website is virtually unprepared, and I have barely posted over on Facebook and IG.

But I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

By writing about it today in this blog post, I am committingmyself to it, which will definitely encourage me to continue.

I know what I want, but I sometimes lack the motivation, especially when I have other stuff going on in my life.

Of course, I’ve still got my office job as I do need to pay the bills, but this is a great opportunity for me to take control of my working life and work for myself instead of dealing with bad management and office politics.

Exciting times ahead! And if you do visit my IG, FB, or business blog and give me a follow/like, I’m not joking when I said there isn’t yet much to see – but it would be very much appreciated. As would any feedback or suggestions for my website. 😊

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