Book Review: The Visitor by K.L. Slater

I was really excited to purchase this book when I spotted it on Amazon at just 99p for the Kindle version. The author has penned quite a few other titles, and I imagined I had stumbled on a new fave.

Well, you know what they say about judging a book by its cover!

Holly is a woman with a past, returning to the town she grew up in with her tail between her legs. With no money and nowhere to live, she is taken in by the kindly but odd Cora, who has a hidden story of her own.

Neighbour David is another oddball, filling his mornings with his self-important job as a car park attendant a local store Kellingtons, and his afternoons and evenings as the self-appointed Neighbourhood Watch on his street.

They become friends, and it is clear that David has the beginnings of an obsession, while Holly is just living day-by-day and making ‘the most’ of her new life, and therefore doesn’t really take him seriously.

The story jumps between the present and the past both Holly and David are trying to escape, and their past turmoil is definitely a little more exciting than their humdrum lives working at Kellingtons.

Yes, I say humdrum because, even though the storyline has the potential to be great, nothing actually really happens. It is just boring, everyday life. David’s character could have become something fantastically creepy and entertaining, but it just failed to launch, much like the rest of the book.

There is a twist right at the end, which did redeem the book very slightly, but as I had forced myself to continue reading throughout, I didn’t think it warranted a better rating.

2 stars on Goodreads. Disappointingly bland.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Visitor by K.L. Slater

  1. alexandrareads

    Lovely review. I didn’t really feel like this book was for me to begin with but as I got farther I am definitely not going to read this book and Omg THE COVER IS SO UGLU.

    Liked by 1 person

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