Book Review: Our Little Secret by Darren O’Sullivan

Chris is waiting for a train. But not to take him to another destination. Chris wants to jump in front of the train. He plans to commit suicide and join his wife Julia, who died the previous year.

Sarah has walked out on her ex-boyfriend, tired of being used for one thing, and arrives at the train station to wait for the next train home. Unwittingly, she interrupts Chris’s suicide attempt, and he leaves.

In the following days, Chris is angry that his plan to join his wife was thwarted. He wonders what to do next. He can’t keep on living without Julia. He is scared that the man who killed her will return and make good on his threats to harm the people Chris loves. He isolates himself and plans his next move.

Meanwhile, Sarah can’t get the stranger from the train station out of her mind. As it dawns on her that she stopped a suicide attempt and saved Chris’s life, she becomes obsessed with tracking him down and helping him.

What follows next is a tense psychological thriller that keeps the reader guessing. Chris’s life rapidly unravels as Sarah relentlessly pursues him and immerses herself in his life, certain that they can make each other happy. But Chris is still intent on suicide…

I really enjoyed this book, the debut from Darren O’Sullivan. Even though I had it figured out pretty early on, I was still intrigued to discover what would happen next. The author definitely knows how to keep the reader enthralled and I am looking forward to reading his next thriller.

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