April Goals

Well, I haven’t written one of these posts in such a long time. Also, I’m aware I am a couple of days late, but are there really any rules when it comes to writing your own blog? Nope.

So, here goes. I’m not really sure what goals I have at the moment; everything is so up-in-the-air. A month ago, I thought the coronavirus scare was a huge overreaction, but now: well, now, I’m working from home, I refused to go for a walk with my mum last weekend because I worry about passing something on to her, I left the house briefly on Monday to get milk, and was so traumatised by my visit to the local shop that I don’t think I ever want to venture there again! Oh, and I woke up at 2.30am this morning and decided to do an online shop; there were actually free slots!

Of course, things could change very soon, or they might not. Nobody really knows yet, but people are growing tired of staying at home, especially as the weather improves. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’ve been self-isolating for a while now, and my ambition has always been to work from home. So this is actually quite like a dream come true, apart from the fact that people are dying, which I never wished for.

Every day, we hear new coronavirus stories; people struck down, people in hospital, people dying. Only last week, a man who lived on my estate died, and he was only in his late 40’s. It’s a scary time, yet many people don’t seem to be taking it very seriously. I see more and more people out and about, walking past my house. Of course, there are no laws against exercising, but my neighbours are letting their teenagers out with their friends, or inviting visitors in; standing outside their houses, talking to friends, or sunbathing in parks. Now, I know I’m not self-isolating and avoiding interaction with my family for nothing, yet others don’t seem to care.

In all honesty, the goals I have for the coming month are simple. To stay healthy. To protect my family by staying at home. To get from one day to the next without losing my mind. To carry on writing and expressing my emotions creatively. And to hopefully see the back of this virus, or at least the severity of it, by the end of the month.

Fingers crossed. Stay safe. ❤️

18 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. Shayan Afzal

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I do see some people in the news who are not taking it seriously. Good luck with your goals for upcoming days. Stay safe!

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      1. blindzanygirl

        It is so hard for everybody. Yes, traumatising. Who would have ever thought we would end up like this! Glad you got your dream of working from home, but agree that the reasons for that happening are awful. Good luck and stay safe 😊

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