Blog Challenge Day 2: Least Favourite Robin Hood Character

Day 2 of my 30-day Robin Hood blog challenge, and today calls for my least favourite character.

That’s easy. Kate.

Now, what exactly was the point in Kate? I just don’t get it. She was whiny and irritating. She was always trying to be so brave, yet almost always got caught by the Sheriff. Oh, and she broke Much’s heart.


I totally understand that the writer’s were looking to replace Marian and Djaq, but there was really no need to. We had no need of a new female outlaw. The men were enough for us. Plus, we all knew that Robin would never truly get over Marian, so introducing a new, serious love interest was pointless. And that’s what Kate was – pointless. She didn’t bring anything to the camp, apart from heartache for Much and ridiculous sniping with Allan.

As for her ‘romance’ with Robin – his heart was never in it. He spent the majority of S3 consumed by Isabella, both during their brief fling and afterwards. Kate was only ever an afterthought, and she, in her turn, fluctuated wildly between hating him because of her brother’s death, and loving him.

I’d have liked her a little more if she had given Much his chance at love, but no. Instead, she demanded that he step in to help her snare Robin, ignoring poor Much’s feelings completely, and upsetting him so much that he very nearly absconded.

Driving a wedge between Robin and Much is a huge no-no, in my eyes.

I wasn’t keen on Tuck either, but Kate is by far my most hated Robin Hood character. She was no replacement for Marian, or even Djaq. The boys were doing fine without her. She was an irritation, pure and simple, and one of the worst things about S3.

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