Blog Challenge Day 18: Scene I Wish Had Never Happened

I’m back! I took a short break from blogging as I have been writing fan fiction – yes, fan fiction! – and it would appear that I can’t concentrate on writing two in-depth pieces at once!

As a side note, my fan fiction is Robin Hood-based (of course!) and happens around the beginning of Series 2. The main protagonist is Robin’s long lost sister, and she may or may not become romantically entwined with a certain Allan A Dale. I’m not entirely sure myself just yet, so you will have to wait and see. It is nowhere near ready, but when it is, I may share it here.. watch this space, RH fans!

Anyway, it is day 18 of my 30-day Robin Hood challenge, and the turn of the scene I wish had never happened.

It’s a no-brainer, really. Guy’s cold-blooded killing of Marian in the Holy Land, in episode 13 of series 2, “We are Robin Hood!”

Now, I’m not going to say that I object to Marian’s death. It was bound to happen at some point, the way she gallivanted about the countryside as the Night Watchman, as well as manipulating Guy so thoroughly while living in the castle. Although, let’s face it – he did deserve it for being such a ridiculously love-sick mess. (Apologies to the Armitage Army!)

And she could only get away with betraying all of the Sheriff’s plans to Robin for so long, seeing as she was living under his roof.

No, I certainly don’t object to Marian’s death per se. Only the fact that it happened when it did, leaving us to pick up the pieces in series 3 with a host of new cast members.

In fact, I wish We are Robin Hood hadn’t happened at all, because we also lost Will and Djaq. And in return, in series 3, we got Kate, Tuck, and Isabella.

Okay, Tuck and Isabella on a lesser scale, but Kate. I mean, really?! The woman was a menace, and probably the most irritating thing to come out of the whole series. To replace our little Saracen (Djaq) with such an annoying character did a huge injustice to the programme as a whole. In reality, we wanted to see how things panned out with Will and Djaq’s relationship, and hopefully see Will finally blossom into the character he should have been. We wanted to see Robin and Marian bring the king back from the Holy Land, defeat the sheriff, and get married.

And we wanted a fourth series without Robin having been killed off.

Maybe – just maybe – if We are Robin Hood had not ended the way that it did, we would have had all of these things, and more. For this reason, Marian’s death is the scene I wish had never happened.

Blog Challenge Day 17: Favourite Piece of Music

It is day 17 of my 30-day Robin Hood blog challenge, and today is my favourite piece of music from the BBC series.

I remember when I first watched episode one, and, right from the beginning, when Robin and Much save Allan from getting his finger chopped off by guards for attempting to poach a deer, I could see that it wasn’t the greatest of productions. Obviously, things approved, but episode one did have many flaws. However, as soon as the theme song kicked in, it didn’t even matter anymore and I was dragged into the world of the outlaws without looking back.

It is so uplifting and, dare I say it, swashbuckling. It raises my mood straight away, and, I have to admit, if I’m feeling a little blue, I watch an episode of Robin Hood because I know that the theme song alone will raise me out of the doldrums.

Granted, there are some excellent pieces of music throughout the series that set the mood so brilliantly: the fight scene music, Marian’s theme, Guy’s theme. But the theme song itself is by far the best.

For me, it represents what Robin Hood is all about: hope. For, although times were hard and, at times, cruel, there was an unruly band of vigilantes living in the forest who would always come to the rescue. And that makes me feel happy.

I now have the theme song as my ringtone, because I hate phone calls and it makes me feel a little bit better about receiving them! Either that, or it makes me more inclined to ignore them so I can listen to the ringtone!

Blog Challenge Day 16: Favourite Robin Hood Friendship

And here we are: day 16 of my 30-day Robin Hood blog challenge, and I’m just over halfway. Today, I will be discussing my favourite friendship.

If you have read the rest of my blog posts in this series, I am sure you won’t be surprised at my choice; the best, and most lasting, of friendships, and that is the one between Robin and Much.

Who else would I have chosen? It is truly the sweetest thing ever. Much is formerly Robin’s man servant, and their time together has involved a stint in the Holy Land, fighting with King Richard in the Crusades. They have been through so much together, and, although Robin grants Much his freedom after they arrive home, Much sticks to him like glue. The sheer devotion to his former master shows in all that Much does, and, even though he doesn’t show it as regularly, Robin feels the same. How couldn’t he?

No matter how much he complains (and it’s a lot), Much is loyal to Robin, worries about him constantly, and would put his life on the line for him. In turn, although he is often preoccupied with saving the world and feeding the poor, Robin would suffer Much’s absence and loves him more than he shows.

They share some magical moments, with humour and tears and indignation, but their friendship is steadfast, and their final scene together is heartbreakingly lovely. Robin respects Much more than he lets on, and Much’s love for Robin is unconditional. It is truly a beautiful friendship.

Poetry Corner


The memories
come in waves,
often racing into my
like white horses,
sweeping in
with violence,
battering at the walls
of my mind
yet also,
with the subtlety of
the slow shushing
of the tide
on a summer’s eve,
seeping into
my thoughts
quietly yet
they cannot be
no matter how hard
I try, they
are there,
my emotions
in ocean blue,
reminding me
of you.



Blog Challenge Day 15: Best Female Robin Hood Character

I’ve fallen behind on my blog challenge, but I’m working my way through, steadily but surely. Whereas in the beginning, I assumed I would post every day, if not every other day, you should know me better than that! I do tend to get waylaid with other ventures, such as posting poetry on my Facebook and Instagram pages, and reading, and binge watching boxsets.

My brand new venture though… a Facebook group dedicated to Robin Hood! Yes, I’m a little bit obsessed, but I have nobody in real life who knows of the TV series, or, if they do, they just aren’t as interested. So, I decided to start a group and find like-minded people to discuss our love of all things Robin Hood.

If you are on Facebook, are a Robin Hood fan, and would be interested in joining the group, you can find it here:

Anyhoo, enough of that. Back to the blog challenge.

Day 15 brings best female character. And, while I have already kind of dedicated a day to Marian, today is all Djaq’s. (Well, come on! Who else did you think I would choose? Kate?! 😂)

We first meet Djaq in series 1, episode 5 – “Turk Flu” – when Robin and the gang intercept a truck travelling through the forest, filled with Saracen slaves, on their way to work in the Sheriff’s mines. Djaq, disguised as a boy, is small, intense, and fiery, and the only one who can speak English.

By the end of the episode, her secret is out, but her feistiness and medical knowledge secures her place in the gang. She is a ferocious fighter, screaming at the top of her lungs as she attacks, but is also empathetic and caring, and wins herself a couple of admirers in the gang – Will and Allan. But, while she is close to Allan, an awkward love triangle never materialises, and it slowly becomes apparent where her heart truly lies – with Will.

She is perceptive, intelligent, quick thinking, and witty, and is more than a match for Allan’s sarcasm and Much’s hilariously outraged paroxysms. In series 1, episode 8 – “Tattoo? What Tattoo?” – she is captured by the Sheriff, and the rest of the gang – minus Robin, who is preoccupied with Guy of Gisborne – turn up to rescue her. A fight with the guards ensues, and Djaq quickly jumps in to help.

Will: Are you all right?

Djaq: Are you all right?

Allan: I thought we came to save you!

Djaq: Now I’m saving you.

Allan: [chuckles] You’re – you’re a woman; we’re men.

Djaq: Irritating, isn’t it?

She is definitely one of the boys, but she’s a little stunner too.

Poetry Corner


It was quietly —
like the soft falling of snow
on a winter’s eve,
like an autumn’s leaf
gently detaching itself
from the branch
of a tree —
quietly, so quietly,
did you fall
out of love with me,
so silently that
I barely noticed
until it
was there,
an unavoidable sign
in neon lights
before my eyes,
or maybe
I watched it unfold
yet pretended
not to see.



Blog Challenge Day 14: Best Male Robin Hood Character

We have now reached day 14 of my 30-day Robin Hood blog challenge. I’m a little behind but here it is, at last – my best male character.

Allan is my hands-down favourite, with Much a close second, but I can’t keep talking about those two all of the time. So, on this occasion, my choice of best male character is going to be the main man himself – Robin Hood.

For a relative unknown, Jonas Armstrong did a fantastic job of bringing Robin of Locksley to life. Younger than past incarnations, Armstrong’s depiction is probably my favourite since Michael Praed back in the ‘80’s, and I may even go as far as the say, my favourite all-time Robin Hood (although Disney’s fox was cute).

He is cheeky, confident, a tad arrogant, but let’s face it, he’s a young nobleman returning from the Crusades as a close compatriot of the King of England, so I think he is entitled to be a little arrogant. It is rarely annoying arrogant, anyway (let’s try to forget the odd occasion in series 3). He is also determined, brave, loyal, selfless, and a skilled strategist and motivator, with a cute smile. He has a depth that is hinted at on a number of occasions, in particular in A Good Day to Die (series 2, episode 12), and he isn’t afraid to show his emotions, especially when it comes to Marian.

He inspires such loyalty in his gang, even from Allan at his worst, who, in reality, just wanted to be Robin, but, instead, spat his dummy out of the pram in epic proportions (you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Allan!) His close friendship with Much is just lovely, and the love affair between him and Marian is unrivalled (take note, Kate!)

So, there you go. My best male character is Robin of Locksley, the Earl of Huntington, aka Robin Hood, master of the bow.

Poetry Corner


The world is hurting
and why do we
not see
the damage that
we are doing?
Life moves on
yet nothing
really changes;
we are stuck
in the same mindsets,
walking the same
dusty roads,
making the same
destructive mistakes;
when will
our eyes be opened?
When will we heal
the wounds
we are so quick
to inflict?
When will we learn
that kindness,
love, and
acceptance are
all we need?




Blog Challenge Day 13: Favourite Robin Hood Location

Day 13 of my 30-day blog challenge based on the BBC series, Robin Hood, and today’s subject is my favourite location.

Obviously, the answer is Sherwood Forest. It’s got to be, right?

Sherwood Forest is synonymous with Robin Hood, and a huge part of the legend. Everyone knows it is where Robin Hood and his (not so) Merry Men lived; this has always been the case, and it is virtually impossible to separate the two. And who would want to? What better place for ye olde outlaws to hide? Nobody knows every inch of a huge forest, unless, of course, they are forest dwellers.

Okay, so it isn’t the actual Sherwood Forest in Nottingham, as the programme was filmed in Budapest, Hungary. But it does a damn good job of masquerading as Sherwood Forest.

I’ve been obsessed with the Robin Hood legend since I was a child. I can’t remember what exactly ignited my love first – it could have been the Disney’s animated version or the TV series Robin of Sherwood, which I adored. Along with the fact that my brother is actually called Robin (no word of a lie), we thought we were outlaws for a while, back when we were kids. We even holidayed in the real Sherwood Forest for two years in a row, at Center Parks, and we always loved to explore any wooded areas and pretend we were Merry Men.

So, of course, I’m going to pick (un)Sherwood Forest as my favourite location. For one, forests and woods are amazing places, filled with adventure and beauty and the unknown; secret nooks and crannies and hidden places in the trees. As well as the ancient folklore and legends steeped in mystery and excitement.

Oh, and there is also a kickass, secret camp.