Blog Challenge Day 15: Best Female Robin Hood Character

I’ve fallen behind on my blog challenge, but I’m working my way through, steadily but surely. Whereas in the beginning, I assumed I would post every day, if not every other day, you should know me better than that! I do tend to get waylaid with other ventures, such as posting poetry on my Facebook and Instagram pages, and reading, and binge watching boxsets.

My brand new venture though… a Facebook group dedicated to Robin Hood! Yes, I’m a little bit obsessed, but I have nobody in real life who knows of the TV series, or, if they do, they just aren’t as interested. So, I decided to start a group and find like-minded people to discuss our love of all things Robin Hood.

If you are on Facebook, are a Robin Hood fan, and would be interested in joining the group, you can find it here:

Anyhoo, enough of that. Back to the blog challenge.

Day 15 brings best female character. And, while I have already kind of dedicated a day to Marian, today is all Djaq’s. (Well, come on! Who else did you think I would choose? Kate?! 😂)

We first meet Djaq in series 1, episode 5 – “Turk Flu” – when Robin and the gang intercept a truck travelling through the forest, filled with Saracen slaves, on their way to work in the Sheriff’s mines. Djaq, disguised as a boy, is small, intense, and fiery, and the only one who can speak English.

By the end of the episode, her secret is out, but her feistiness and medical knowledge secures her place in the gang. She is a ferocious fighter, screaming at the top of her lungs as she attacks, but is also empathetic and caring, and wins herself a couple of admirers in the gang – Will and Allan. But, while she is close to Allan, an awkward love triangle never materialises, and it slowly becomes apparent where her heart truly lies – with Will.

She is perceptive, intelligent, quick thinking, and witty, and is more than a match for Allan’s sarcasm and Much’s hilariously outraged paroxysms. In series 1, episode 8 – “Tattoo? What Tattoo?” – she is captured by the Sheriff, and the rest of the gang – minus Robin, who is preoccupied with Guy of Gisborne – turn up to rescue her. A fight with the guards ensues, and Djaq quickly jumps in to help.

Will: Are you all right?

Djaq: Are you all right?

Allan: I thought we came to save you!

Djaq: Now I’m saving you.

Allan: [chuckles] You’re – you’re a woman; we’re men.

Djaq: Irritating, isn’t it?

She is definitely one of the boys, but she’s a little stunner too.

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