Blog Challenge Day 16: Favourite Robin Hood Friendship

And here we are: day 16 of my 30-day Robin Hood blog challenge, and I’m just over halfway. Today, I will be discussing my favourite friendship.

If you have read the rest of my blog posts in this series, I am sure you won’t be surprised at my choice; the best, and most lasting, of friendships, and that is the one between Robin and Much.

Who else would I have chosen? It is truly the sweetest thing ever. Much is formerly Robin’s man servant, and their time together has involved a stint in the Holy Land, fighting with King Richard in the Crusades. They have been through so much together, and, although Robin grants Much his freedom after they arrive home, Much sticks to him like glue. The sheer devotion to his former master shows in all that Much does, and, even though he doesn’t show it as regularly, Robin feels the same. How couldn’t he?

No matter how much he complains (and it’s a lot), Much is loyal to Robin, worries about him constantly, and would put his life on the line for him. In turn, although he is often preoccupied with saving the world and feeding the poor, Robin would suffer Much’s absence and loves him more than he shows.

They share some magical moments, with humour and tears and indignation, but their friendship is steadfast, and their final scene together is heartbreakingly lovely. Robin respects Much more than he lets on, and Much’s love for Robin is unconditional. It is truly a beautiful friendship.

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