Blog Challenge Day 17: Favourite Piece of Music

It is day 17 of my 30-day Robin Hood blog challenge, and today is my favourite piece of music from the BBC series.

I remember when I first watched episode one, and, right from the beginning, when Robin and Much save Allan from getting his finger chopped off by guards for attempting to poach a deer, I could see that it wasn’t the greatest of productions. Obviously, things approved, but episode one did have many flaws. However, as soon as the theme song kicked in, it didn’t even matter anymore and I was dragged into the world of the outlaws without looking back.

It is so uplifting and, dare I say it, swashbuckling. It raises my mood straight away, and, I have to admit, if I’m feeling a little blue, I watch an episode of Robin Hood because I know that the theme song alone will raise me out of the doldrums.

Granted, there are some excellent pieces of music throughout the series that set the mood so brilliantly: the fight scene music, Marian’s theme, Guy’s theme. But the theme song itself is by far the best.

For me, it represents what Robin Hood is all about: hope. For, although times were hard and, at times, cruel, there was an unruly band of vigilantes living in the forest who would always come to the rescue. And that makes me feel happy.

I now have the theme song as my ringtone, because I hate phone calls and it makes me feel a little bit better about receiving them! Either that, or it makes me more inclined to ignore them so I can listen to the ringtone!

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