Blog Challenge Day 18: Scene I Wish Had Never Happened

I’m back! I took a short break from blogging as I have been writing fan fiction – yes, fan fiction! – and it would appear that I can’t concentrate on writing two in-depth pieces at once!

As a side note, my fan fiction is Robin Hood-based (of course!) and happens around the beginning of Series 2. The main protagonist is Robin’s long lost sister, and she may or may not become romantically entwined with a certain Allan A Dale. I’m not entirely sure myself just yet, so you will have to wait and see. It is nowhere near ready, but when it is, I may share it here.. watch this space, RH fans!

Anyway, it is day 18 of my 30-day Robin Hood challenge, and the turn of the scene I wish had never happened.

It’s a no-brainer, really. Guy’s cold-blooded killing of Marian in the Holy Land, in episode 13 of series 2, “We are Robin Hood!”

Now, I’m not going to say that I object to Marian’s death. It was bound to happen at some point, the way she gallivanted about the countryside as the Night Watchman, as well as manipulating Guy so thoroughly while living in the castle. Although, let’s face it – he did deserve it for being such a ridiculously love-sick mess. (Apologies to the Armitage Army!)

And she could only get away with betraying all of the Sheriff’s plans to Robin for so long, seeing as she was living under his roof.

No, I certainly don’t object to Marian’s death per se. Only the fact that it happened when it did, leaving us to pick up the pieces in series 3 with a host of new cast members.

In fact, I wish We are Robin Hood hadn’t happened at all, because we also lost Will and Djaq. And in return, in series 3, we got Kate, Tuck, and Isabella.

Okay, Tuck and Isabella on a lesser scale, but Kate. I mean, really?! The woman was a menace, and probably the most irritating thing to come out of the whole series. To replace our little Saracen (Djaq) with such an annoying character did a huge injustice to the programme as a whole. In reality, we wanted to see how things panned out with Will and Djaq’s relationship, and hopefully see Will finally blossom into the character he should have been. We wanted to see Robin and Marian bring the king back from the Holy Land, defeat the sheriff, and get married.

And we wanted a fourth series without Robin having been killed off.

Maybe – just maybe – if We are Robin Hood had not ended the way that it did, we would have had all of these things, and more. For this reason, Marian’s death is the scene I wish had never happened.

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