First of all, I just want to thank those of you who took the time to read/like/comment on my weekend post. I wasn’t in a good place at the time and needed to get a lot of frustration off my chest. Afterwards, I did consider deleting it on more than one occasion – I wasn’t sure if I explained fully how I was feeling, or even why I was feeling the way I did. In hindsight, I thought that it would seem a little trivial to those of you who are depressed for real, authentic reasons. But then I realised – when you suffer from clinical depression, anything can be a trigger, no matter how big or small. Nobody was going to judge me on that.

For me in this case, it is a result of working my heart and soul out for a company that takes me for granted, and will continue taking me for granted until I decide enough is enough. My problem, or my greatest asset, whichever way you want to look at it, is that I pride myself on doing the very best I can, whether I am happy or not. If I have a job to do, I will knuckle down and get it done. And that is where I have gone wrong with this company – they are taking advantage of my work ethic rather than awarding me for it.

So I need to leave and take my loyalty and my integrity elsewhere.

Of course, it isn’t that easy. I can’t wake up one morning and think, “sod it, I’m not going back”, much as I’d like to. I have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

So my only other option is to find another job. Easier said than done, but I will persevere. They won’t break me.

I just need to be careful that I don’t break me.

Happy Monday! 💙


April Overview

I’ve literally just realised that it is well into May and that I am overdue posting a round-up of my achievements in April.

This is probably going to be a short post as I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything. It’s just been one of those really busy months where you don’t actually do anything of real merit, but it has exhausted you anyway.

Plus, I haven’t been posting very much recently. Work is crazy and my head just hasn’t been in a happy, blogging place.

But I’ve been here before, and my monthly overviews generally help me to realise that my life has actually been progressing more than I initially thought. (I hope!)

So, here goes..

Recent achievements

  • My new website for my life coaching business is up-and-running and I have even posted some stuff. Only problem is, I have 1 subscriber so far, and literally no traffic. It is becoming a little disheartening and I’m not too sure what to do next. It is so easy to just give up, but I want this! My life is pretty jam-packed right now and I need the time and motivation to grab it by the balls and run with it. So this will be one of my goals.. if you fancy taking a look, you can find it over at
  • Girly alert! I decided to get eyelash extensions, which I think is the most girly thing I have ever done. I’m one of those girls (women) who has a standard look – a bit of liquid eyeliner, concealer and mascara, and if I’m happy with it, I’m ready to go. My eyelashes though are really fine, and without mascara can look virtually invisible. I can’t apply fake eyelashes for love or money, but wanted to make my life a little bit easier, and also treat myself. Ok, so they aren’t cheap but they do look lovely. For once, I can wake up and be ready to go!!
  • I painted my bedroom!! I find decorating to be a massive chore and have held off on painting my bedroom and the spare room. To be honest, I couldn’t really be bothered, and not many people see them so I didn’t see the point. But I had a tin of white emulsion left over from painting my son’s ceiling, and I just went for it one weekend. Looks miles better. Need some nice accessories now.
  • I had a week off from work. Yay! This was an achievement because work is pretty hellish right now, and any time away from the place is a massive bonus to life in general, and also my mental health. I am becoming a little stressed out with it all. 😔

Told you. Not many achievements. I’m exhausted a lot of the time toiling away at a job I am beginning to hate, and I can’t see a respite in the near future.

But, let’s try to remain positive!

Goals for May

  1. I need to seriously look at my future with regards to my career. I can’t carry on working my backside off in a dead end job, so it is time to get off said backside and do something about it.
  2. I need to start working on my business and taking it seriously. I know it’s going to be hard work getting it off the ground, so I need to look at reducing some of my commitments. The only commitment I want to reduce is my job. So I’m in a bit of a predicament!
  3. Work on my website, IG and Facebook pages. I spend loads of time on my recreational Facebook pages but I need to concentrate on the stuff that I am hoping will make me money! Yeah, it’s fun to write poetry and post pretty pictures, but it ain’t making me a living! Sadly.
  4. Complete my coaching courses. Another thing I have fallen behind on. Once completed, I have been considering doing a course in business, so I know how to run one!
  5. Catch up with my friends. I’m feeling pretty social this month so have been arranging days and nights out with my closest pals. All work and no play makes Jo a dull girl!
  6. Post more on my blog! Goes without saying really, but with all of the above, will I really have the time?! 🤔

So, lots to do! Let’s hope my overview for May is more positive!

Have a fab weekend!

Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day 1

Day 1

Thank you to my blogging friend, Earthwalking, for nominating me for the “Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge.” I would highly recommend checking out his blog as it really is gorgeous.

Here are the Rules:

1 Thank the person who nominated you.

2 Post a quote for three consecutive days.

3 Nominate three bloggers for each post.

And the Quote:

I love this quote. I think it describes very simply yet perfectly what happiness is.

If you are familiar with my blog, you may have read snippets about my struggle with clinical depression in my younger years. Nowadays, I strongly believe that happiness is all about positive thinking, and having the ability to believe that you are happy, no matter what your situation.

Easier said than done, I know, but your frame of mind does play a massive part in your mood patterns.

Check out my website for more inspiration.

And my Day 1 Nominees Are:

Laura Sharp


Thoughts of Adventure

Congrats to my nominees!  There is no timeline to respond, and you do not have to participate if you don’t want to, but you should check out these blogs.

March 5th Memories

Monday was a significant day for me, although I wish it wasn’t. Every year when March the 5th comes around, it reminds me of Him.

It the birthday of The One That Got Away.

Well, I say The One That Got Away, but what I really mean is The Bullet I Dodged.

Even though, I still think of him. But not in an I Wish You Were Mine kind of way. More a What Was I Thinking kind of way.

There is always The One that you fall for with your entire being, only for them to break your heart so completely that it will probably never heal again.

And even if it does, it will always have fault lines and missing pieces.

He was that person. I thought it was real love. I thought he was The One. But now I’ve come to my senses, I’m not sure what I was thinking.

I no longer miss him. I no longer want him back. I no longer think of him when I wake each morning, and last thing at night.

But he does still cross my mind, more often than I am comfortable with. I’m certainly not in love with him anymore. I liken it to an important lesson that changes your life forever, and which stays with you until you learn something new and just as important. Like figuring out algebra or something. Having my heart smashed into pieces by him has taught me the hardest lesson I have ever had to learn – that my low self-esteem has led me into situations I should never have even considered being involved in.

Now I’m learning to love myself instead of men who really aren’t worth my time and effort, I suppose it is only normal to mull over the mistakes I’ve made in the past, and the lessons I’ve learned.

That’s the only reason I still think about him. Because this heart is now closed. This heart is now healing.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

I am very excited to have been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger award by the lovely Elisabeth. You can find her over at – check out her blog!

So, here’s what I have to do next..

The Rules for The Sunshine Blogger Award are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4. List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or in your blog.

My Nominations (in no particular order..)












Questions for Nominees

1. How did you choose your blog name?

2. What is your greatest ambition?

3. Where is the most exotic location you have travelled to?

4. What is your favourite book?

5. If you could be an animal for the day, what would it be?

6. When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?

7. What is your drink of choice?

8. Which famous person, dead or alive, would you like to have lunch with?

9. What is your first childhood memory?

10. What is your favourite pizza topping?

11. Can money buy you happiness?

My Answers to Elisabeth’s Questions

1. What inspired you to start a blog?

I have always loved to write, but lack confidence in my own abilities. However, as writer is my career of choice, I decided I needed a platform to promote my writing abilities, boost my confidence, and also as a reason to write more. So here I am!

2. If you could do anything, what would you do?

If this is related to work, I would love to be a published author. I would also like to run an animal sanctuary and rescue ill-treated and abandoned animals.

3. Where is the favorite place you have ever been?

I really liked Santorini, although only visited briefly on a day trip from Crete. But my heart lies in Abersoch, Wales, where I spent a huge part of my childhood.

4. What is the worst purchase you have ever made?

Back in 2016, I was at a crossroads in my career path (still am) and I decided to invest in a freelance journalism course. After paying for it, I discovered I just didn’t have the time or energy to invest in the course, which involved pretending to actually be a journalist. This involved interviewing people, chasing up quotes, etc. As a single parent working five days a week, I struggled from the start to keep up with the in-depth assignments, and gave up halfway through. My heart wasn’t in it, and I wish I’d thought properly about my circumstances before I enrolled on and committed to the course. Silly me.

5. What is the most interesting thing you have read or seen this week?

I just started reading Hide and Seek by Richard Jay Parker. Seems pretty gripping. I also watched the movie mother! with Jennifer Lawrence at the weekend. I wouldn’t describe it as interesting. More mind-bogglingly weird.

6. Who are your favorite musicians?

At the moment, my playlist consists of U2, Michael Kiwanuka, Alabama Shakes, Stereophonics, The Beatles, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, and The Who.

7. What is your favorite time of day?

I quite like early weekend mornings, when I can get up to a silent house and relax with a cup of tea and a book.

8. Coffee or tea? Why?

I prefer tea, because coffee gives me a headache. In all honesty, I’d love to be a dedicated coffee drinker, but I’m just not that into it.

9. What is your favorite animal and why?

I love all animals, but I would probably have to choose the cat. I can’t live without a cat in my life. I find them essential. They have all of the qualities that I admire in a friend – they are low-maintenance, cute to look at, and honest about their feelings. 💜

10. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Hopefully working as a writer, a proofreader, or a full-time blogger. But whatever I end up doing, I hope to be happy.

11. What is your silliest story?

Years ago, I challenged my sister to a Malteser eating match. We both bought a packet of Maltesers and had to see who could fit the most Maltesers into their mouths. My sister managed to fit around 10 into her mouth, but I won! I crammed all 18 Maltesers in the packet into my mouth. My jaw was stretched to its limits and I couldn’t chew, or even breath very well, afterwards. But I won. 😂

Meet the Furbabies

Okay, let me just start by admitting I’m not keen on the term ‘furbabies’. It brings to mind some middle-aged spinster who lives alone with her cats.. oh, wait a minute! Yep, that would be me. Apart from the alone bit, but my son is now at the age where he only emerges from his room to eat and go to school.

So, I’m going to introduce you to my cats.

I adore all animals, and long to live in a big, sprawling house with many cats and dogs and maybe even horses, donkeys, and cows are cute too. Yep, love ’em all.

At the moment though, I just have my two spoilt cats and a tank full of rapidly multiplying fish.


Meet Masai, aka Miaowgly Man. He’s my rescue cutie. I’ve had him for around four years, since I adopted him from the local Cats Protection League shelter. He had been found living as a stray and taken in.

Right from the first day I got him home, I could not understand how anybody could have rejected such an affectionate cat. He has a beautiful personality, and his favourite way to show love is head kisses, which he doles out in abundance. However, he is also a bully with other cats, plays psychological games with dogs, and is a seasoned hunter. He regularly brings me gifts of tinier, cute creatures, which I hate. In the beginning, I tried to rescue each mouse he brought home, but he would eventually find them again and tear their heads off, leaving them on the doormat as a gift. These days, I shut him out and leave him to it. It’s nature, after all.

He loves cuddles though, and likes nothing better than curling up on my knee when I’m home. In fact, he is beside me as I type, snoozing away this chilly Saturday afternoon.

Mrs P

This is Mrs P, sometimes known as Pippin or Mimi. She’s my little old lady although she could still pass for a kitten. I’ve had Mrs P for years, ever since my sister gave her to me in 2007. She’s a little madam and rules the household with a tiny white paw. She hates other cats, so I have to keep her and Masai separated. She also hates dogs and most humans. She likes myself and my son, and tolerates my friend Michelle and some of my sons friends, probably because they are all on the short side.

Mrs P is very much a house cat, and only ventures into the garden every now and again. Back in 2012, she decided to escape one evening and refused to come in at bedtime. This had happened a few times before, so I wasn’t too worried as she was always at the door when I woke next morning. However, on this occasion, the temperatures plummeted overnight and she must have been desperate to find warmth and shelter. Unfortunately, she ventured a little too far from home, and lost her sense of direction.

My son and I were distraught. We posted flyers in the local shops and through various doors in the area, and regularly checked the local shelters. But to no avail. My little P had disappeared.

It was after she had been missing for seven weeks that we acquired Masai. It does seem very soon to have replaced her, but her absence was so out of character, and the house was just not the same without a cat. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see her again.

A week after Masai arrived, I received a text off a lady who had seen my poster in the local tanning salon. Mrs P was living in her shed.

My son and I were so excited and went to pick her up the following day – she was literally a two minute walk away from home, if that. She was so happy to see us, and had lost so much weight that, from then on, I have relentlessly spoilt her. I think she deserves it after the ordeal she went through.

However, I hadn’t fully realised her absolute hatred for other cats until I introduced her to Masai and all hell broke loose. I keep them apart as much as possible.

Anyway, there are my furbabies. I hope you enjoyed meeting them.

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Hello, and Happy Sunday! One day closer to another working week, but let’s not think about that..

Have you ever asked yourself what you can’t live without? Well, I am going to answer that question right now in one of those lovely lists we are all so keen on. 😊

Maybe lists should be one of my 10 can’t-live-without items. But no, that’s silly. I can live without lists, it’s just that they are fun to blog about.

I’m also not going to include people and animals – obviously, I can’t live without my son, family or pets, but I think that goes without saying. So instead, I will look at things I can’t live without. Such as..

1. Books. I love books, and I love to read. I definitely need them in my life. There is nothing better than putting your feet up with a brew and losing yourself in another world. I adore books, and always have done.

2. Mobile phone. Okay, so I don’t often use it for the actual stuff it was created for, such as calling people. I do use Facebook Messenger a lot to keep in touch with friends. Mostly, I use it for social media. Such as now. I do most of my online work on my phone, such as running my three Facebook pages, taking photos for and posting on Instagram, and of course, writing content for this blog. I’d be lost without it.

3. Wine. Yes, I do love a glass of wine, generally in the evening when I’m winding down. I prefer a nice full-bodied Australian red such as Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo or Hardy’s Varietal Range Cabernet Sauvignon. As well as tasting yummy, it has health benefits – honest!

4. Internet connection. My phone would be pretty useless without it.

5. Liquid eyeliner. I don’t really wear much makeup. I don’t use foundation or know how to contour. However, I do use eyeliner and mascara as my eyes are pretty small and it helps to give them definition. Also, my eyelashes are very fine, and without mascara they appear stubby. However, on the weekend, I forgo mascara but do use liquid eyeliner, just in case. If anybody sees me without anything on my eyes, they always ask if I’m okay, so I definitely need something to perk my features up!

I use Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof mascara and Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid liner. I have leaky eyes and both are fabulously smudge-proof.

6. Leggings. I love to chill out at home and as I’m not a tracksuit type of gal, leggings suit my needs fantastically. However, I always wear them with a longline top to avoid any fashion faux-pas!

7. Heels. I love heels. Always have done. I own lots and lots of heels which I hardly ever wear, yet I’d still be happy to buy more. 😍

8. Glasses. I’m blind as a bat, so absolutely couldn’t live without my gigs. I had an eye test yesterday and my eyes are worse, which means new glasses. I’m quite happy about this as I’ve found some lovely new frames. 🤓

9. Crisps/chips. I adore crisps, as they are called in the UK. You may know them as potato chips. Whatever they’re called, they are yummy and I could probably live on them. I wouldn’t be too healthy, but you can’t have everything.

10. Music. Loving music at the minute, and discovering new artists. One of my 2018 goals is to listen to more music, which I have embraced wholeheartedly. I still watch TV but definitely not as frequently.

So there you go.

What can’t you live without?