Meet the Furbabies

Okay, let me just start by admitting I’m not keen on the term ‘furbabies’. It brings to mind some middle-aged spinster who lives alone with her cats.. oh, wait a minute! Yep, that would be me. Apart from the alone bit, but my son is now at the age where he only emerges from his room to eat and go to school.

So, I’m going to introduce you to my cats.

I adore all animals, and long to live in a big, sprawling house with many cats and dogs and maybe even horses, donkeys, and cows are cute too. Yep, love ’em all.

At the moment though, I just have my two spoilt cats and a tank full of rapidly multiplying fish.


Meet Masai, aka Miaowgly Man. He’s my rescue cutie. I’ve had him for around four years, since I adopted him from the local Cats Protection League shelter. He had been found living as a stray and taken in.

Right from the first day I got him home, I could not understand how anybody could have rejected such an affectionate cat. He has a beautiful personality, and his favourite way to show love is head kisses, which he doles out in abundance. However, he is also a bully with other cats, plays psychological games with dogs, and is a seasoned hunter. He regularly brings me gifts of tinier, cute creatures, which I hate. In the beginning, I tried to rescue each mouse he brought home, but he would eventually find them again and tear their heads off, leaving them on the doormat as a gift. These days, I shut him out and leave him to it. It’s nature, after all.

He loves cuddles though, and likes nothing better than curling up on my knee when I’m home. In fact, he is beside me as I type, snoozing away this chilly Saturday afternoon.

Mrs P

This is Mrs P, sometimes known as Pippin or Mimi. She’s my little old lady although she could still pass for a kitten. I’ve had Mrs P for years, ever since my sister gave her to me in 2007. She’s a little madam and rules the household with a tiny white paw. She hates other cats, so I have to keep her and Masai separated. She also hates dogs and most humans. She likes myself and my son, and tolerates my friend Michelle and some of my sons friends, probably because they are all on the short side.

Mrs P is very much a house cat, and only ventures into the garden every now and again. Back in 2012, she decided to escape one evening and refused to come in at bedtime. This had happened a few times before, so I wasn’t too worried as she was always at the door when I woke next morning. However, on this occasion, the temperatures plummeted overnight and she must have been desperate to find warmth and shelter. Unfortunately, she ventured a little too far from home, and lost her sense of direction.

My son and I were distraught. We posted flyers in the local shops and through various doors in the area, and regularly checked the local shelters. But to no avail. My little P had disappeared.

It was after she had been missing for seven weeks that we acquired Masai. It does seem very soon to have replaced her, but her absence was so out of character, and the house was just not the same without a cat. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see her again.

A week after Masai arrived, I received a text off a lady who had seen my poster in the local tanning salon. Mrs P was living in her shed.

My son and I were so excited and went to pick her up the following day – she was literally a two minute walk away from home, if that. She was so happy to see us, and had lost so much weight that, from then on, I have relentlessly spoilt her. I think she deserves it after the ordeal she went through.

However, I hadn’t fully realised her absolute hatred for other cats until I introduced her to Masai and all hell broke loose. I keep them apart as much as possible.

Anyway, there are my furbabies. I hope you enjoyed meeting them.

Friday Love ❤️ 

We all love a Friday.. don’t we?! Okay, apart from those of us who work weekends. Fortunately, as I don’t work weekends, I am able to love my Fridays freely – hence the name of my blog. 😊

Not everything about this Friday has been good though, I have to admit. I left work early today to take my cat Masai to the vets. He has been under the weather for the past few days. I can’t really pinpoint what it was that was wrong with him as he was eating and going about life as usual. But he was far from normal. For those of you who are familiar with cats, or any pet for that matter – you just know when there is something wrong. This morning, there was no question about it. He refused to eat, he refused to leave the house, and he sat hunched up on the table and let out the occasional pitiful miaow as if he was asking for help. Broke my heart leaving him, so I rang the vet once I’d arrived at work. 

Fast forward to early afternoon and I left work and sped home to pick him up, all kinds of worst case scenarios racing through my mind. The vet was incredibly helpful and admitted him straight away to do a barrage of tests. I certainly wasn’t overreacting, which I knew already. It is terrible when your animal is in pain yet can’t tell you exactly what the problem is. You feel helpless. But he is in the right place now, and hopefully will be better by the time I pick him up tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for Masai. 

Have a great weekend! 💜

15 of my Favourite Things

I was leafing through an old magazine recently while waiting in the dentist surgery when I came across an article about a minor celebrity, entitled 15 Favourite Things. Even though I'm not a fan of this particular celebrity, I was fascinated to read what she listed as her favourite things, and it gave me the idea for this blog. Who doesn't enjoy to read and write these types of posts? I know I do, and if it inspires you to do the same thing, drop the link in my comments so I can check it out. 😊

1. Quiet mornings.
I love mornings without an alarm, when I can wake early and curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea, a book, and my cat Masai.

2. Rainy days.
Although I celebrate those rare warm and sunny days, I do love the rain. Especially when I'm safely ensconced at home, watching it from a window.

3. Books.
I love to read, I love to buy, I love the feel and the smell of a new paperback just as much as an old library book. I love books. Libraries and bookshops are my favourite places.

4. Laughter.
There is nothing better than uncontrollable laughter to bring people together. I love humour and, as someone who has struggled with depression throughout her life, I love nothing more than the things that make me laugh.

5. Travelling.
I do love to travel. And by travel, I mean the actual act of travelling to get to a destination. While it's amazing to visit a new country and discover the sights, my holiday always begins with the journey, whether it be by train or car or plane. Other people may find this part stressful and inconvenient. I relish it as the first stage of my holiday.

6. Red wine.
I like nothing more than to end my day with a nice glass of red and a good book. While I don't claim to be a connoisseur, I do love a reasonably priced juicy Australian red.

7. My cats.
I have two cats; Masai, my big, black-coated warrior, a rescue from the Cats Protection League and top-class hunter, and Sox, aka Mrs P or Mimi, my tiny tuxedo-coated lady, who hates everyone but myself and Ryan. As Jean Cocteau said, "I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become it's visible soul." I can't imagine my home without a cat in it.

8. My home.
I am definitely a homebody, and I love to spend time in the privacy of my own home. I never get bored or lonely.

9. Ryan.
My son is the most important thing in my life, ever. I see him as an extension of me, and never tire of his company, even when he's being a brat. People wear me out and I often crave time alone, but the definition of alone to me is "at home with Ryan."

10. Getting into bed.
The highlight of my weekday is generally the moment I crawl into bed with a glass of wine and a book or a decent film/programme on the box. Only then can I truly relax.

11. Dogs.
I love it when I visit someone's house and they have a dog. I openly admit to preferring animals to people in many cases, and dogs are amongst my favourite animals. You know where you stand with a dog. It will greet you ecstatically, whimpering and slobbering, and make you feel like the centre of its world. Unless it doesn't like you, and then it just steers clear of you. I appreciate that honesty.

12. Honesty.
As I mentioned above, I appreciate honesty. I don't like liars, or two-faced people, or hidden agendas. I much prefer honesty, no matter how brutal. Yes, it may hurt. But at least it prevents deception and betrayal.

13. Nature.
Being surrounded by nature is something I adore. I love to spend time at the beach, in the countryside, near trees and babbling brooks. I would love to live in a more rural area. One day maybe.

14. Self-knowledge.
Now, this sounds a little more pompous than it actually is. I enjoy anything that helps me to understand myself better. This could be spending time alone, mulling over certain issues and quandaries, and straightening things in my mind. Or it could be taking part in questionnaires on Facebook based on which picture of an eye I am most drawn to. I am fascinated when the result holds any accuracy. MBTI is a massive favourite at the minute.

15. My mum's cooking.
I have a very indifferent relationship with food. On a normal day, I eat because I need to, from a survival point of view, and it is rarely anything fancy. I can't seem to muster the motivation to get creative in the kitchen, although I really wish I could. On my days off, I may try something a little different, but I much prefer to be cooked for. I appreciate food so much more when I haven't slaved over it, and my mum makes the best food ever. Especially lasagne!

Pet Peeves

Well, everybody loves a good moan, so this blog should be extremely easy to write. However, I could waffle on for some time, so let’s give it a little bit of structure. 10 is always the magic number when it comes to blogging, but that may be over-kill when it comes to my moaning. So I’m going for 5.

1. Noisy eaters. I’ll start with this one as this is something that particularly irritates me, and I’m not sure why. I reckon it may be something to do with this:

Misophonia, dubbed as a selective sound sensitivity syndrome, comes with a handful of “trigger sounds.” The noises could come from eating, breathing loudly, or whistling. Sometimes, a sound as trivial as a foot tapping or a person yawning is enough to leave you irritated or even angered.”

I definitely suffer from this!

2. Ignorance. I get super annoyed by ignorance and stupidity. People who make ridiculous, bigoted, or just stupid comments. People who have no common sense. People who act in certain ways because they believe it makes them look good, when in fact they just look, well, ridiculous! Many ignorant people have no real social skills outside of their own like-minded peer group, and can be quite rude and uncouth in their mannerisms when dealing with strangers. Yet they are quick to overreact if somebody reflects this back on them. Can’t stand that kind of behaviour.

3. Waiting. I absolutely hate waiting. I guess this makes me quite an impatient person, although I can be patient in certain areas. I really don’t like to wait for things to happen though. Say, for example, I’ve arranged to go out at a certain time, or to meet someone at a certain time. I don’t want to wait around. I want it to happen NOW, or I’d rather just stay at home. I generally get into work at least 20-30 minutes early, not because I love my job and can’t wait to start my day. But because I couldn’t stay at home knowing that I had to leave soon anyway. Why wait? I might as well get started as soon as I’m ready! 

4. Damp weather. I love the rain, I really do, especially those rainforest-like downpours when it comes down in sheets. I love watching it, mainly from the comfort of my window. Drizzle, however, I can do without, or any kind of dampness in the air. The reason being, my hair. Although I don’t suffer from a full-on Afro like Monica in Friends, my hair just does not like damp weather. It is very weather sensitive, I like to say as I put my hood up at the slightest hint of rain. I’d love to be the kind of girl who has long mermaid waves that can withstand the wet and still look styled. But I don’t. My hair looks crap in damp weather, and therefore I hate it.

5. Pestering pets. The only reason being, as I’m sat, trying to finish this blog, my cat keeps miaowing to go out (in the pouring rain, I might add) and five minutes later, he’s back on the windowsill, wanting to come back in. He has been out and back in FIVE TIMES since I settled down on the couch fifty minutes ago. Grrrr.. if only I wasn’t such a soft touch that I keep getting up to pander to his whims! Oops!