Nearly Christmas! #WeekendCoffeeShare

[Photo Credit: loretoidas on Flickr]

If we were having coffee today, I would offer you a nice cup of Nescafé Fine Blend, as its all I have in at the moment. Other than that, I have Yorkshire Tea, which as you may recall I prefer to drink. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, although I have been meaning to try a few different blends in an attempt to find something that suits me. Coffee does seem like a hobby I have missed out on, and one that would suit me down to the ground.

I haven’t been around much recently, which does happen more often than I’d like to admit. I tend to get distracted by thoughts in my head, which I could in fact jot down in my blog in an effort to organise my mind. I’ve always been the same though, and like to keep things in my head, where I mull it over for days, even weeks, without uttering a word. I don’t tend to confide in people, and I have never had much luck with a journal. I lose interest very quickly in writing my thoughts and feelings down in a book where it could be found by all and sundry, and tend to log it all in my head instead. Probably why I get burnt out so easily and need so much time alone. My New Years resolution will be to begin a journal and to take it seriously, for once. I need room for others in my head and in my life as I am becoming far too solitary.

Work has been pretty meh recently. Nothing much to write home about. It is so monotonous that nothing ever really changes. Some days I get on with it, other days I am bored out of my mind. I do like to be challenged at work and this rarely happens. However, things may be about to change. Our office manager is pregnant, due to give birth in April, and she is currently sorting out her affairs and putting cover in place to pick up certain jobs when she goes off on maternity leave. I have been asked to attend a meeting next Friday with her and the payroll manager to discuss duties, which is interesting. I’m not really sure why I am included in the meeting. As a part time payroll administrator, up until recently I was treated as a spare hand and it took my full-time co-worker leaving for them to realise who had been doing the bulk of the work. How the times have changed! I’ll be interested to discover what extra tasks I am being entrusted with. Might shake things up a bit.

In other work-related news, we had our Christmas lunch on Thursday, which made a nice change from a Twix and a packet of crisps (I know, I’m so healthy!) There was even wine, which always goes down well in any situation. Our Financial Director sat with myself and my co-worker Jane, and downed a full bottle of red on his own, in an hour. A man after my own heart! Of course, I’m well-behaved these days and stuck to one (large) glass. I was driving, after all, plus I’m not really comfortable enough with the team just yet to be getting sozzled and shouty.

I only have one more week and a day left in work before I finish until the new year, which is exciting. I have never before worked for an establishment that actually closes at Christmas, so this is all very new. I do have to work on the 27th but that’s it until January 2nd. Bonus! Maybe I don’t hate this job so much after all!

In other news, I have completed my Christmas present shopping and now just need to shop for cards, wrap gifts, and do a food shop when I get paid next Friday as I am hosting Christmas at mine this year. This is worrying in itself, and I’m not really sure what I need to buy, or even how to cook it. I’m no domestic goddess after all. Hopefully, everyone will live to tell the tale!

Well that was my week in a tidbit. I hope you enjoyed your Fine Blend. You never know, next time I may be drinking coffee with you instead of my habitual cup of tea.

Monthly Overview: November

I can hardly believe that it is December already. Wow, November has flown by! I am über excited for Christmas now, but where has the year gone?

I am thankful for fast weeks and chilled weekends, but the days are passing so quickly and they are days that I don’t particularly enjoy. I spend the week wishing for the weekend, wishing my life away, which isn’t good. Hopefully 2018 will bring some big changes.

Anyway, here we are again, in a round-up of my recent achievements and goals for the month ahead. Again, I don’t believe that I have achieved much, but let’s see as I wrack my brain for things to list. My life is not particularly eventful right now, but I quite like my quiet existence.

My recent achievements

  • I have been writing far more, poetry-wise anyway, although as I have mentioned before, I don’t really class my writing as ‘poetry’. I post most of it to my Facebook page, Fragments of my Mind, as well as my blog of the same name. I am considering looking into getting a book of poetry published, but the self-doubt always raises its ugly head.
  • My Christmas decorations are up! Yeah, I know that isn’t a November achievement, but it will be pretty pointless including it in my December overview, which I’ll be posting in January. After all, I generally take the decs down on New Year’s Day.

  • I tidied my kitchen to make it more Christmas-friendly. I am hosting Christmas this year for myself, my son, my brother and nephew, and I want to put in an effort to make the house look festive. My son and I rarely use the kitchen table and, up until recently, it was pushed up against the wall and the chairs were being used to house paperwork and magazines and general clutter. However, that’s all changed now! Clutter has been removed and distributed to the relevant places, and the table has been pulled out and cleared of junk. The kitchen definitely looks more welcoming.
  • I have settled into my job and am trying to take it day by day instead of constantly moaning and job hunting. To be honest, it isn’t any more enjoyable, and I find it a total waste of a day, but I’m definitely not the only person to feel this way. Also, I’ve just been given a pay rise, so I’ve decided to stick at it for now.
  • I am doing pretty well with my Christmas shopping, and only have a couple of bits and pieces to pick up. I’m ahead of the game for once, but no doubt I will panic last minute as per usual and buy more than I needed to.
  • I am continuing as admin of the Facebook group that I mentioned last time, and the group is improving in leaps and bounds. It’s a real shame that it isn’t a paid job, because I would far rather play about managing pages on Facebook than doing payroll!

This month has passed so quickly that it has been a challenge to achieve anything more than the above. I am purely motivated by Christmas at the moment, and anything else can wait until the new year.

Goals for December

  1. Finish my Christmas shopping. Nearly finished anyway, but it would be good to be in a position where I don’t feel I need to overcompensate. My son’s father is extremely money-orientated and it is so easy to be dragged into a present-buying competition. I refuse to this year, mainly because I can’t afford it, but also because why should I. I can’t win every time, after all! 😉
  2. Learn how to cook a roast dinner. As I mentioned above, I will be hosting Christmas which includes cooking a roast dinner. I’ve never done this before, and I’ve asked my mum to do a trial run with me. I’m 41 and have never cooked a roast dinner before. Yep, that’s right. It’s probably about time I learned.
  3. Post Christmas cards to my penpals. Yes, I am old school, and still write snail mail letters to people around the world, which I enjoy. I have five penpals at the moment, which isn’t that many. They live in New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Germany and England, and I like to send out Christmas cards early to ensure delivery in time. As I prefer low maintenance friendships where they don’t expect too much of me, I probably exchange 2-3 letters a year with each of them, which is mutually agreed upon. Although it is lovely to receive letters through the post, real life can often kill your writing mojo, and my friends understand and share this view. That’s why they are my friends. 🙂
  4. Send out a birthday card and gift to my best friend. Michelle lives in a different county altogether to me, and we only generally meet up twice a year. It is her birthday on the 7th and therefore I need to get a card and gift to her as I am unlikely to be able to hand it to her personally. It would be nice to meet up with her, but life has been so busy for her recently and I haven’t seen her in a while. Still, I am sure I can show my appreciation of her friendship from afar.

So that is it for now. Let’s see what December brings! Have a good one. 💜

It’s Friday, I’m in Love.

It’s my favourite weekday again! That’s Friday, for those of you who haven’t caught on yet. It is time to put my feet up with a good book, and crack open the wine!

That is exactly what I will be doing when I finish work today, as well as putting the heating on as soon as I get home. There is a definite chill in the air! Winter is nearly upon us, bringing the Christmas season with it. Exciting times!

I’ve noticed that a lot more people are kicking off the Yuletide early this year, with Christmas lights already twinkling in some houses. It is difficult to avoid it these days, as the shops are shoving Christmas in our faces from September onwards, and the festive adverts are already on our TV screens.

I must admit, I do love everything Christmassy and will be joining the Christmas decoration brigade in a couple of weeks. There is nothing quite like twinkly lights to brighten up a dark, chilly evening.

Happy Friday! 💜